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Businesses and organizations must rent a space to participate in The Sanford Marketplace at Magnolia hereinafter referred to as (SMM) each week. A new application must be completed annually and will remain in effect unless changes are made – i.e., change of address, contact name, change in products sold and/or added to. Application rules remain in force for the entire year and not just the week the contract was signed.


Any Vendor that sells a product or service at the event that is not in compliance with the Vendor Selling rules and regulations may be asked to leave the event immediately, forfeit rental fees paid, and face possible banning from future events.


In the Sanford Marketplace at Magnolia application each vendor is to list all items for sale.  Can be general in nature – such as CBC products, Pet Ware, Pet Food, Desserts.  But if the list includes any items that are not related to the “general listed products” detail itemization needs to be included…such as Pet Ware also sales flowers.  All items will be approved and signed off by a representative of the Historic Sanford Welcome Center.  Both the vendor and Welcome Center will retain a copy.


The market will be held “rain or shine” – unless the weather is dangerous (e.g. hurricane). In case of dangerous weather the Sanford Marketplace will put an advisement. Should you decide not to come NO refunds will be issued.


Set up time starts at 7:30 am and must be completed by 8:45 am the day of the event.  Please be prompt. Should a vendor not be setting up by am your spot will be reassigned for the day.  This ensure we have presentation of a full market. Before setup, all participants must check in with the marketplace manager to be given their assigned booth location. Cars wishing to unload, and set-up materials are not permitted to block 1st street walkway. Please load-in on the square side of 1st Street.  NO CARS are allowed to park on 1st Street for the duration of the Market. Be a good neighbor – 1st Street is reserved for costumer parking only.


Break down is NO SOONER than 3:00 PM (October – May) and 2:00 PM (June – September), unless there is inclement weather or otherwise by prior written agreement with the Marketplace Manager.  All participants must clean up their own booth before leaving the Marketplace.

Participants are prohibited from fundraising at the event unless approved in writing by the Sanford Marketplace at Magnolia Management prior to the event.  


 The Sanford Marketplace at Magnolia Management reserve the exclusive right to refuse participation to any business or organization for any reason.  

From time to time information will be handled out during a market. If a vendor is not present, then it will be the responsibility of the vendor to request the information.


Exclusively is not guaranteed.  In order not to over saturate the market a % rule is applied.  The market at located in Sanford’s square/Magnolia Ave can hold up to 35 vendors.  Using 10% as the rule, vendors selling the similar items will not exceed 3 or 4 vendors.


Negative remarks regarding another vendor personally or their products will not be tolerated. Such behavior could lead to the removal from the market.


Please confirm your attendance on a monthly basis. 


 All vendors should attend markets consistently on their committed dates: Strong farmers markets are grown, not born. No market started out as big and strong. It takes dedication and consistency to develop a footing in the community and a solid customer base. Customers do not return when vendors don’t show. Without your presence, the “market draw” is reduced a notch. Markets suffer due to poor vendor attendance. 


1. The weekend closet to the 15th of the month the following month dates must be scheduled. A staff member will record the dates requested but should you not be at the market  it is your responsible to email your committed market dates to:  



2. Once the staff member records your dates for the previous month (the weekend closet to the 15th) we can no longer accept verbal acknowledgments regarding attending, amending, missing…etc after this point all communication must be put in writing and emailed to 


3.   To secure your spot for the month, payment must be received the Saturday before the next Market date.  Payments can be made one of two ways:

4.    In advance for the entire month; payment must be received the Saturday prior to the next Marketplace.  Such as 1st Saturday of the new Marketplace month, payment must be paid on the last Saturday of the current month. If paying weekly; payment must be received the Saturday prior to the next Marketplace.


 Cancellations or Rescheduling Dates

Please pick your market dates wisely. Once you are scheduled and have committed to your market dates, should you find you have to cancel or reschedule no refunds will be issued. However, a credit for you next market date will be applied.  Credits are not carried forward more than one month. Repeat offenders a fee maybe applied for each rescheduled or canceled market date. 

Vendors who miss 12 or more events during the year will no longer have an assigned spot. 

                                    Cancellations or Rescheduling notification must be

Texted to 407-549-9942 or

Emailed to:


No shows, no calls, can results in losing your assigned space.  



 Rules as outlined by the City of Sanford and included in the contract between the City of Sanford and the Historic Sanford Welcome Center.


(1).       The Welcome Center is authorized to promulgate and utilize forms which implement the provisions of these Rules such as, but not limited to, a vendor’s application to participate in the Market.


(2).       The Welcome Center shall have the authority to approve or deny applications from vendors to participate in the Market, but any denial must be based upon non-discriminatory and operational determinations.


(3).       The Welcome Center may establish and enforce the hours of operation for the Market. Hours of operation shall include, but not be limited to, hours and days when sales may occur, required set-up times, and closures due to inclement weather and other causes all subject to the times established in the provisions hereof.


(4).       All vendors shall be required to meet all Federal, State and local laws, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances and shall adhere to all such requirements at all times. Any required licenses shall be displayed as may be required by law or the permitting authority. Any required current local business tax receipts shall be procured from the City.


(5).       Vendors shall be charged for the use of Market space as may be determined by the Welcome Center.


(6).       Vendor sales may be for plants, bakery goods, produce, dry goods, consumable items, and associated and related holiday/seasonal items. Vendors may, more specifically, sell farm and food products including, but not limited to, fruit, vegetables, dairy, cut flowers, plants, cheese, cider, jams, jellies, relishes, honey, canned goods and baked goods. Vendors are liable for their own products. The Market and the City shall not be held accountable, liable or responsible for any product offered by a vendor. The sale, use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless approved

 in accordance with the special events processes and procedures of the City. The sale of live animals prohibited. All products shall be of high quality and shall be clearly priced.


(7).       Product insurance requirements may be imposed by the Welcome Center.


(8).       Vendors shall be 18 years of age or older. Younger children may participate with a responsible adult having supervision of children at all times and the adult shall be responsible for the conduct and safety of any children present.


(9).       Vendors shall display their respective business names at all times during which they operated at the Market.


(10).     All vendors are responsible for payment of any local, State or Federal taxes.


(11).     Vendors shall present their products in a professional and clean manner, including the display of such products. Selling spaces shall be kept clean and neat. Samples may be offered, but only in a sanitary manner.


(12).     Use of profanity or belligerence shall be grounds for termination of selling privileges and immediate removal from the Market. Vendors shall maintain a courteous and professional manner at the Market. Acting in a manner that does not reflect highly upon the City in that it is not a generally accepted business practice is prohibited. All profane, abusive, discourteous, and boisterous language or conduct at or about the Market, by whoever uttered, is prohibited.


(13).     Vendor’s products and signage shall be contained within the selling space unless otherwise approved by Welcome Center.


(14).     Growers who use the Market for sale of produce are subject to field inspections to verify the source of produce offered for sale. Growers may only sell first quality products at the Market.


(15).     Space size used at the Market, and the location of that space, shall

 be apportioned and assigned by the Welcome Center and enforced by the Welcome Center.


(16).     Fraudulent, dishonest, or deceptive merchandising, disruptive behavior, or collusion to set prices among vendors are prohibited. Vendors may distribute written materials as part of their for profit activities but not in violation of these rules; provide, however, that, the content of materials shall not be evaluated by the Welcome Center and only if material is unlawful shall the City's Police Department be contacted.


(17).     Vendors shall be solely responsible at all times for the cleanliness within their vending area regardless of the origin of the debris in that location. Each vendor is required to leave his or her space clean at the end of the day. Each vendor shall remove all residue or waste products, as well as signs, tents, tables, etc. at the end of each Market day.


(18).     Vendor parking shall be in designated areas only. No motor vehicle of any type is permitted in the Market area once the Market opens unless by prior approval by Welcome Center has been issued.


(19).     Market space is intended solely for use by for-profit enterprises and is intended to enhance the economic vibrancy of the Historic Downtown area wherein the Market is located. Space will not be allocated by the Welcome Center to a person or entity regardless of the views of the person or entity and regardless of the nature of the person or business when the space is not proposed for use in a for profit manner as set forth herein and is intended for use to proselytize, distribute literature, promote a cause or engage in any similar conduct or activity. Space shall not be allocated for religious, political or any other similar activity.


(20).     The Welcome Center is vested with full responsibility for enforcing all rules relative to the conduct of each vendor and all other participants at the Market. To that point, the Welcome Center shall only contact the City's Police Department should unlawful activity occur and shall be responsible for the enforcement of all rules imposed upon vendors. The


 Welcome Center, or her or his designated agent, shall have supervision and control authority over the activities of the Market and the designated Market area spaces assigned. The Welcome Center shall ensure that it does not extend or assert any jurisdiction over City streets, parks or facilities beyond the specifically permitted area provided for under the terms and conditions of this Permit and Agreement.



 By signing you acknowledge you have read and understood the rules as outlined by both the Historic Sanford Welcome Center and the rules as outlined by the City of Sanford.



Vendor Name (please print)___________________________________


Vendor Signature:___________________________________________


Date Signed:_______________________________________________


A copy of your signed document will be returned to you and the original will be on file at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center available by audit by the City of Sanford.



Please list all types of items that are sold at your booth.

Examples are:  Baked Goods, Honey, and Produce.

Another example would be a vendor selling several different items such as: Stuff Animals, Body Soaps and Scrubs

No additions can be added to your booth without the expressed consent of the Historic Sanford Welcome Center.

Such as a vendor who has reported selling Baked Goods can ot bring Jewelry to add to their merchandise.


Vendor Name (please print)___________________________________


Vendor Signature:___________________________________________


Date Signed:_______________________________________________


A copy of your signed document will be returned to you and the original will be on file at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center available by audit with the City of Sanford.


List of produces being sold:




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